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Understanding the Challenges with Commingled Mailings

Most presort programs have difficulty sorting mail to non-postal sort schemes for One-Pass commingling and certainly cannot support the industry best practice of splitting a mailing between commingled and non-commingled portions to optimize postage. 1-PASS Prep can take an address list, determine which pieces would qualify for a 5-digit discount and to which entry points they would be entered (if not First-Class) and divert these address records to your current presort software. The remaining address records will get sorted to your commingler’s (or in-house MLOCR) sort schemes.

1-PASS Prep is a Powerful Tool That Makes One-Pass Commingling Easy

Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers who outsource a portion of their mail will get the best price and service by using 1-PASS Prep.

1-PASS Prep gives you precise control over the commingling process.

Try it today and see for yourself how this powerful tool works with your commingled mail volumes.

Just put in your contact details, and then click on Let's Get Started. We will contact you shortly to schedule your session to review our 1-PASS Prep solution and how it can help you in your mailing operation. 

For your demo of 1-PASS Prep, we will be using a generic commingling scheme. If you have a specific commingling scheme you would prefer to use, have a comma delimited text file of the scheme ready for your session. This file should include the 3-Digit or 5-Digit  Zip Codes and the associated Bin Numbers for the commingling scheme.

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