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Understanding the Challenges with Commingled Mailings

Most presort programs have difficulty sorting mail to non-postal sort schemes for One-Pass commingling and certainly cannot support the industry best practice of splitting a mailing between commingled and non-commingled portions to optimize postage. 1-PASS Prep can take an address list, determine which pieces would qualify for a 5-digit discount and to which entry points they would be entered (if not First-Class) and divert these address records to your current presort software. The remaining address records will get sorted to your commingler’s (or in-house MLOCR) sort schemes.

1-PASS Prep is a Powerful Tool That Makes One-Pass Commingling Easy

Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers who outsource a portion of their mail will get the best price and service by using 1-PASS Prep.

1-PASS Prep gives you precise control over the commingling process.

Try it today and see for yourself how this powerful tool works with your commingled mail volumes.

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