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The Benefits

When using 1–PASS Prep, it is like an express lane, bypassing slow traffic. Process your mail faster, with fewer steps.

This solution assists in providing lower commingle mail costs, increased postage savings, and helping comminglers process mail more efficiently to avoid the first sort pass.


Commingling Mail Postage USPS


  • Optimizes postage between commingled and list presorted portions. Diverts 5-Digit qualified mail to a conventional presort program with the balance sorted to your commingler's (or in-house MLOCR) sort schemes.

    Option to designate specific entry points and minimums for USPS Marketing Mail list presort. All other mail will be commingled.

  • Allows user to define what to do with non-automation pieces and pieces that are not defined in your sort schemes.

    Example: have them get pushed to list presort or put into a special scheme for regular 2-pass processing.

  • Assigns Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs) to the commingled portion of your mailing or use IMBs already assigned.

    IMB assignment using automatically managed serial number or a starting serial number provided in the parameter file.

  • Appends logical or physical tray breaks for each commingle scheme.

    Logical means there is one break per scheme.

  • Creates tray tags for the commingled in either 1-up thermal or 10/page sheet format.

  • Creates pallet breaks and prints pallet placards for the commingled mail.

  • Allows user to define and store multiple sort schemes for multiple comminglers.

  • User defined production sequence of the sort schemes.

Great postage savings while reducing significant costs for your mailing operation. Easily generate tray and pallet tags identified for schemes and bins.

1-PASS Prep creates trays and tray tags for your commingled pieces and can also create single scheme or multi-scheme pallets and placards. It will provide you with an output file for your mail production and a file to send to your commingler to provide info on the One-Pass mail.

Ready to Get Started?

We are confident that 1-PASS Prep will save you time and money by increasing the efficiency of handling your commingled mail volume. Experience the powerful tool yourself today.

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