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Understanding How 1-PASS Prep Works

When using 1-PASS Prep, your commingled mail volumes can easily bypass the initial sort. This results in better postage discounts, lower commingling fees, and faster processing time.

1 Pass Prep File USPS Bulk-Mail Tags Placards

1 Pass Prep File USPS Bulk Mail Tags Placards Flow Chart Process


Easy-To-Use Tool

1-PASS Prep is a command line utility that uses an XML parameter file to control all behavior. This parameter file allows you to define input and output folders and all actions that will be taken. It is easily modified programmatically for totally automated operation. Though it has no user interface of its own, it is actually very easy to use and can be used with Powershell.

1 Pass Prep Automated File USPS Bulk Mail Tags Placards Folder


1PP TestData_tray tag-With-Border-1

Generate TRAY TAGS with 1-PASS PREP

With 1-PASS Prep, you have the ability to get all your low-density First-Class Mail™ and USPS Marketing Mail™ commingled into USPS® trays and out the door faster. Process everything more smoothly with just one pass and get the best savings with the lowest commingling fees.

Generate Pallet Placards with 1-PASS PREP too.

In addition, handle all your high volume mailings contained in Pallets and create placards using 1-PASS Prep.
1PP TestData_placard-With-Border

A great solution for creating tray tags and pallet placards, while saving money.

1-PASS Prep creates trays and tray tags for your commingled pieces and can also create single scheme or multi-scheme pallets and placards. It will provide you with an output file for your mail production and a file to send to your commingler to provide info on the One-Pass mail.

Ready to Get Started?

We are confident that 1-Pass Prep is a must have solution in your mailing operation. Experience the powerful tool yourself today.

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