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1-PASS-Prep-Makes-Commingling-Mail-EasyYou are now one step closer to experiencing this great commingling solution for mailers.

Congratulations! You are going to be able to get the best rates on every piece of mail, even in low-density zip codes!

Just put in your contact details, and then click on Let's Get Started. We will contact you shortly to schedule your session to review our 1-PASS Prep solution and how it can help you in your mailing operation. 

For your demo of 1-PASS Prep, we will be using a generic commingling scheme. If you have a specific commingling scheme you would prefer to use, have a comma delimited text file of the scheme ready for your session. This file should include the 3-Digit or 5-Digit Zip Codes and the associated Bin Numbers for the commingling scheme.



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