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1-PASS Prep Makes One-Pass Commingling Easy

For Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers who want to outsource
a portion of their mail at the best price and service.

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Get precise control over processing for your commingled mail volume.

USPS Mail Tray Tags - Bulk Mailing Software for Mailers

1-PASS Prep gives you precise control over the commingling process, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and postal savings.
As postage rates continue to rise, it is critical for mailers to help their clients minimize their postage spend. Their ability to do this will increasingly become a competitive differentiator when trying to attract large clients.

For Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers who want to outsource a portion of their mail for commingling at the best price and service.


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Enjoy Great Savings with High Efficiency

One-Pass commingling assists in providing lower commingle mail costs by helping comminglers process mail more efficiently and avoid the first sort pass.

To participate mailers must physically prepare their mail to the commingler’s sort schemes and provide them with data on the mail they are going to commingle. Until now, mailers had to either pay for development costs to create programs for these scheme sorts, or pay higher commingling fees for multiple passes. 1-PASS Prep changes all that!

usps address records

Optimize your low-density mail volumes and process your mailings faster.

1-PASS Prep can take an address list, determine which pieces would qualify for a 5-digit discount and to which entry points they would be entered (if not First-Class) and divert these address records to your current presort software. Most presort programs have difficulty sorting mail to handle this process.

Who uses 1-PASS Prep?

  • Presort Bureaus
  • Comminglers
  • Mail Service Providers
  • Any mailer who wants to cost effectively handle low-density mail volumes!

Create both Trays and Tray Tags for your commingled mail pieces.

If you wish, you can have 1-PASS Prep create trays and tray tags for your commingled pieces and can also create single scheme or multi-scheme pallets and placards. It will provide you with an output file for your mail production and a file to send to your commingler to provide info on the One-Pass mail.

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